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The first time I met Andrea Wagner was about ten years ago in a muddy field in the Netherlands, where we worked with cows as a theme and the mud and manure as the material. Was it already there she began her series "The Architect Who Faced His Jardin Intérieur"? After that meeting, we showed Andrea Wagner's jewellery which she then described as a passion in working experimentally with materials and giving them her own mark. She considered this vital in order to create the intriguing appearance and surfaces necessary for the tactile materiality to communicate the stories or thoughts behind her work. She started to work with bone china porcelain which consists of ca. 40% cow bone ash.
Andrea Wagner from Amsterdam is now warmly welcomed again, this time to her first solo exhibition at PLATINA. In the exhibition we will see blown up sketches and her ongoing body of work that has been followed up by a whole new group of pieces. This time with the sub-title: "... And the Architect Is Still Facing His Jardin Intérieur".
- Sofia Björkman, PLATINA 2014

... And the Architect Is Still Facing His Jardin Intérieur
"Jardin interieur": French for the private landscape - inner garden - of our mind.
This series is about architectural forms intermeshing with nature.
The idea of blurring the separation point of what is essentially regarded as architecture and what nature also stands in as playful metaphor for facing up to secret dreams - of taking them out of their compartmentalization into separate areas and life´s time frames and weaving them into reality. Step out of seemingly unrisky choices and embrace a dream that at first seems unlikely!
This series begun after far too much house hopping and embodies the exuberant joyfulness of my at last getting my dream home. It ended an obsessive yearning for stability whilst living in instability.
Being a frequent traveller, I am quite familiar with that exciting tension of leaving the familiar stability and safe haven of home to surrendering to the insecurity of what is new whilst discovering new impressions on the way. When returning to the familiar it is with a head full of fresh perceptions that only sharpens my connection to the intimate sheltering space of home and viewing things from a new vantage. This is my connection to an intimate and safe space where all kinds of contradictions can naturally exist side by side and within each other.
Little surprise that so much inspiration for this body of work comes from places I´ve visited or want to go to.
The diversity of materials and forms in this series are like the layered impressions of an extended travel log.
Very recently the work on some new pieces has taken me into beach and other water landscapes. I myself am as little a gardener as I am a beach holiday lover, and the deeper aspect of that very recent work with more translucent glass elements as yet still eludes me...
- Andrea Wagner 2014

Andrea Wagner was born in Germany, grew up in Canada and lives since 1994 in Amsterdam. She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam from where she graduated 1997. Since then her working base is in her own studio in Amsterdam but she's a frequent traveller and exhibits, curates and works around the globe.




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