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AUGUST 30 - SEPTEMBER 14, 2014

What are humans without the artifacts? And how do we deal with the items we have around? In contrast to the materialistic temptations that otherwise govern the society we live in, Daniela Hedman shows, with sensitivity, the spirituality that can be accessed through well-chosen items.
The pieces in this exhibition are a part of a larger series, that she calls Beach.

I have a basic interest of the human body.
I am fascinated by the body's ongoing physical presence and what impact that does to your spirituality. I see the body as a tool for expression and I enjoy making objects related to it. In my jewellery I am constantly strive to achieve a total necessity between the object and the body. That is when the core of my making appears.
- says Daniela Hedman

Daniela Hedman graduated from Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design in 2008. Since then she share studio with Kajsa Lindberg in Stockholm.






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