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Necklace in fabric by Karin Gyllerfelt (2009)


ÖGONSTENAR / Apple of my Eye

Opening on Saturday 20th of October 14.00 - 16.00
The exhibition runs one week until 27th of October 2018

Karin Roy Andersson, Rut-Malin Barklund, Lena Bergestad Jonsson, Dovile Bernardisiute, Lisa Björke, Sofia Björkman, Rebecca Deans, Jenny Edlund, Sonja Ekman, Linnea Eriksson, Adam Grinovich, Karin Gyllerfelt, Castello Hansen, Daniela Hedman, Hanna Hedman, Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding, Catarina Hällzon, Agnes Larsson, Mia Larsson, Hanna Liljenberg, Helena Johansson Lindell, Helena Lindholm, Agnieszka Knap, Åsa Lockner, Anna Norrgrann, Lena Olson, Chatrine Rinman, Margareth Sandström, Sanna Svedestedt Carboo, Ulrika Swärd, Mona Wallström, Annika Åkerfelt, Amanda Åkermo

The exhibition ÖGONSTENAR / Apple of my Eye with 33 pieces in 33 different materials by 33 artists, is a collaboration between Sofia Björkman PLATINA Stockholm, Pia Stael von Holstein and Staffan Bengtsson from Gallery Kammaren. The participating artists are active in Sweden. The exhibition was premiered for the newly opened Gallery Kammaren in Lund, December 2017. During the spring and summer of 2018, it has also been exhibited at VIDA Museum & Konsthall, Öland.

In the jewellery art today, we see a flow of techniques and material choices. The exhibition Ögonstenar/ Apple of my Eye shows its riches and the chosen pieces are dominated by one specific material.
Aluminium, Corian, Doghair, Enamel, Glass, Gold, Horn, Soil, Iron, Carbon, Reconstructed coral, Copper, Seeds, Stearine, MDF, Paper, PLA, Plastic, Plywood, Porcelain, Mother of Pearl, Leather, Sand, Silicon, Oxidized silver, silver, Shells, Stone, Steel, Horsehair, Fabric, Titanium, Wood

Since the start 1999, PLATINA gallery and studio in Stockholm has shown contemporary art jewellery
Gallery Kammaren is new opened gallery in central Lund, Sweden and runs by Pia Stael von Holstein and Staffan Bengtsson.
Pia Stael von Holstein, who also have her office in the Gallery, is an antique expert with a big interest in jewellery. Many recognize her from the popular Swedish Television program "Antikrundan". Staffan Bengtsson is a writer and film maker and known as a broadcaster for television programs about design as for example "Bästa Formen". 2007-2010 he was the editor in chief for the design magazine FORM.

Photo: Kristian Pohl
Model: Agnes Schutriek Bengtsson


Amanda Åkermo (doghair), Margareth Sandstrom (gold), Lena Bergestad Jonsson (titanium), Anna Norrgrann (aluminium)



Rebecca Deans (soil), Helena Lindholm (horsehair), Lisa Björke (copper), Karin Roy Andersson (seeds)




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