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21ST MAY- 18TH JUNE 2011

There are moments when one experiences a feeling of exceptional clarity. Everything instantly seems possible and, for a time, all the threads of doubt weave together to form an invincible rope of conviction, able to carry even the heaviest of burdens. The entire world and every single universe combined can be fastened to that rope.
That is Paradise regained.

Platina welcomes Tanel Veenre to his first soloexhibition, Paradise regained, in the gallery. The exhibition has previously been shown in Tallin (Gallery Marz) and in Munich (Historische Baumaterialien).

Tanel Veenre was born into an art and music loving family. His city grandfather played piano in cafes and accordion at home, his other grandfather from Põlva County played the Estonian zither. His father and brother are violinists. But Tanel Veenre didn't become a musician eventhough the music plays a roll in his works. Instead, he found a path that his mother would have perhaps chosen if life had been different- to create visual art. He decided to enrol in the jewellery programme at the Academy of Arts. These studies led him to Kadri Mälk, who taught him to see the big picture - the biggest picture.

With that in mind Tanel Veenre has developed a very personal style, not like any other. To wear his jewellery is to step into another world in which reality is erased and becomes a dreamy landscape. His collection of jewellery is like a collection of poems. No wonder he got great success worldwide.

Jewellery is crystallized poetry, a precious, compact genre with a finelyhoned vocabulary of patterns. Spare but taut. Art requires to be oneeis own storyteller.
Jewellery is a triumph of the imagination; the world of two people - the artist and the spectator - that has congealed, for an instant, into one.
-Tanel Veenre

Tanel Veenre lives and works in Estonia as a freelance jewellery artist. He has also worked as a fashion and advertisement photographer, fashion editor of "Eesti Ekspress", editor-in-chief of cultural magazine "Muusa" and cultural editor of "Eesti Päevaleht". Tanel Veenre is working since 2005 as a teacher in Estonian Academy of Arts.



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