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Warm welcome to PLATINA in December!
We have filled our showcases with all kind of jewellery that fits different styyles and wallets.
We dont have a webshop but have a look under SHOP to see a selection of what we have.
On the wall you find our Christmas exhibition. See more below.

Opening hours during the Holidays:

December 24-26 we are closed
Friday December 27, 11-18
Saturday December 28, 11-15
Monday December 30, 11-18
Closed during New Year
Open as usual from January 2

dont hesitate to give us a call if you want to reach us and cant come during the opening hours.


December 1-31st

This years Christmas exhibition includes pictures and jewelry from the gallery's artists. New stories every day, because we have so much to tell.
See them in the window display every day and night and come and visit us during the opening hours.
The exhibition runs from December 1 until the end of the year.



December 24
We wish you all Happy Holidays!
Warm heart brooches by Tanel Veenre


December 23
Today is the last day we are open before Christmas. We wish you a warm welcome to 18.00! Brooches from the Frozen series by Jelizaveta Suska.



December 22
It is the fourth advent, darkness is turning and the light is coming back. We light four candles and wear timeless jewelry, brooches by Bettina Speckner.


December 21
The good thing about jewelry art is that when you don't wear it, you hang it on the wall, or where you like it. Jewelry art fits everywhere, all places, all occasions, always. Hanna Liljenberg's earrings not only decorate you but a lot of everything.



December 20
The calm before the storm. Brooch in recycled plastic by Pamela Wilson.



December 19
My kids stopped believing in Santa Claus the day he or she came with fake nose and beard. But who knows, maybe Santa will fix the lips and nose for Christmas? Today we are open late during SOFO-night and put on the red lipstick. Brooches by Manon Van Kouswijk.



December 18
Soon the holidays are here. Time for relaxation and sports but for the sake of the climate we prefer not to go far and instead wear the brooches by Andrea Wagner with the titles Emerald Pool Hangout and Thousand Island Beach Resort.



December 17
We are waiting for snow and holiday time to come. Meanwhile, we admire masterful craftsmanship such as in Sondra Sherman's jewelry.



December 16
We love the fact that men nowadays buy jewelry for themselves and women for their men. All sorts, dangling earrings, brooches, rings. We think this is a liberating wonderful development. You will find these beauties by Pernille Mouritzen in this year's Christmas exhibition.



December 15
Tredje Advent. Sunday. We light three candles in a dark day and are waiting for the fourth.
Brooches by Julia Maria Künnap.



December 14
Wearing thin gold rings around the body is like dressing in a halo. It both looks nice and feels really good. Golden bracelet by Helena Skolling and rings by Marta Boan.


December 13
Today we celebrate Lucia, a strange mix of old and new traditions. Candels in the hair, a belt of blood, gingerbred costymes, darkness, brightness, mysterious, beautiful, weird, odd, lovely and sometimes fun - just the way jewelry art can be.
Brooch from the Collection Höytiäinen by Eija Mustonen

December 12
This time of the year we start to wonder if the Hollidays will be white with snow or green without.
At Platina we have all kinds of colours, white, black and green as these earrings by Liana Pattihis.



December 11
Helena Johansson Lindell picks up material from here, there and everywhere. She often recycles plastic handles that she reshapes into jewelry and objects. There is something nice about the old being new again and being reminded of what has been.



December 10
Today is the day of the Nobel Prize. How many of the guests will wear contemporary jewelry? What if Reka Lörinz could get free hands to re-make old jewelry? We would love to see more of that.



December 9
Like a cut out of a time. To remember what has been and what is to come.
Luzia Vogt makes earrings of porcelain parts that is cut out from bigger objects.



December 8
Andra advent. Today is the day for two. Two lights, two stars, two sisters and two bright shiny stones.
Rings by Adam Grinovisch.



December 7
Baking day, Making Day, Jewelry day.
Brooch by Annika Pettersson



December 6
Anything can happen when Santa Claus is comming
Brooches by Sanna Svedestedt Carboo.



December 5
The idea of the Christmas tree makes the natural versus the artificial blurry, don't you think? however it is natural to hang jewelry in the ears, people have done so since ancient times.
Earrings by Linnéa Eriksson



December 4
New order prevails, our mothers were in the kitchen, we are as well, but we are also out working.
Catarina Hällzon is a hunter and makes the cufflinks in silver of elk teeth.



December 3
Hectic days before Christmas. Make jewellery, display jewellery and sell jewellery. From time to time we also play and sing.
Brooches by Beppe Kessler. The one on the piano is made partly with old cd discs.


December 2
In Stockholm there is some snow on the ground, grass and trees are covered by a thin layer of white frost. Cyber Mondays and White Mondays, We hope that all days can be recycling days with circular economy.
White recycled plastic brooch by Karin Roy Andersson.



December 1, 2019
Today we celebrate the First Advent with light, stars and drink brooches by Mallory Weston.





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