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Adam Grinovich

Adam Grinovich was born in Lynn Massachusetts, USA in 1981. He received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and a Master of Fine Art from Konstfack University in Stockholm, Sweden. Adam Grinovich currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Together with Annika Pettersson he is a founding member of the experimental jewelry group A5, an artistic collaborative focused on adornment, the body, and jewelry in cultural contexts. Also, they are alongside Charles Mathis, co-founders of the design collective CRITIAL + which is an energetic design initiative with a focus on design ethics, involving young motivated individuals.


About the series "Settings"

Works in the "Settings" series attempt to express jewelry though its most basic and iconic forms. The faceted stone, an object of desire, is the central element that ties together all of the pieces in the series. These stones are arranged into complex objects using techniques both traditional and state of the art. The act of making jewelry has always been attached to the human hand, and the technologies that accelerate the expression of an artist. "Settings" observes the relationship between the hand, the tool, and the final object."…it is often more fun to want something than to have it" - David Foster WallaceWhat is specific about jewelry its attachment to a strong sense of want, to the impulse to posses it. Art can be viewed, appreciated, and absorbed by the viewer without the impulse to have. Jewelry, in its traditional essence, carries with it this sense of want. Works in the "Settings" series amplify this want, through the scale, quantity, density, and form.Making jewelry is remarkable act, the process of organizing precious elements into sublime constellations. The most beautiful thing i have ever seen is the view of a sprawling city from a high-rise building, a building so tall that one could clearly see the curve of the earth. Works in the "Settings" series are invested in a technological sublime and the simple power that fascinates the viewer.





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