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Mari Ishikawa has a Master degree of art, from Nara University of Education, Japan and studied
jewelery making at Hiko Mizuno College Of Jewelery, Japan and at the Munich-Academy of Fine Art, Germany. She has been exhibited worldwide, are represented in several museums and collections.

Nature has always been a common topic for many artists in Sweden, much contemporary art, design and jewelry has drawn influences from nature. We find elements of growing, life, science, history, humor and a lot more. Mari Ishikawa is born in Kyoto, Japan but lives and works in Munich, Germany. What is her picture of the nature? Does her work differ from what we have seen in Sweden? She describes the world we see as a part of the entire reality which is composed of many worlds existing simultaneously, side by side. What we see is a parallel world to something else that we are able to reach if we open our eyes and heart.

The shape of plants attracts me. Their perfection surprises me.
For whom and why are they so beautiful?
The green colour of plants is mysterious. This is because we can't dye anything green using plants, even though they are green by themselves. Their colour can't be preserved. Green is a colour of an illusion, and only where life is.
Under the moonlight they show me profound, various grey.
They are just there and gone soon.
I try to resist this vanishing and keep the memories.

- Mari Ishikawa






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