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This is a selection of what we offer, we have much more in the gallery.
Prices and more info on request.
To make an order, send an email to;

Top image - Earrings made by Helena Johansson Lindell

EARRINGS made by Karin Johansson
Pink aluminium gold
Gold orange acrylic


EARRINGS made by Els Vansteelandt
Alfalfa silver
Dadel silver or gold
Shell silver


EARRINGS made by Julia Maria Künnap
Bruschstrokes lapis lazuli and gold
Bruschstrokes horn and gold


Old earring and new copy of it silver made by Maria Militsi
Goldplated with different stones made by Pernille Mouritzen
!8K gold made in Platina Studio

EARRINGS made by Karin Roy Andersson
Silver spirals
Oxidized silver


EARRINGS in recycled plastic made by Karin Roy Andersson


EARRINGS made by Carina Shostary
Graffitty paint, glass, silver and gold


EARRINGS made by Marta Boan and Tanel Veenre

Gold by Marta Boan
Balsa wood, olivines, sapphire, gold
by Tanel Veenre
Balsa wood , violin tuning pegs, silver by Tanel Veenre


EARRINGS made by Helena Sandström
Butterfly wings silver
Butterfly wings silver and gold
Leaves oxidized silver green agates



EARRINGS made by Linnea Eriksson
Black Gems iron silver
White Gems iron
Orange Blue iron silver


EARRINGS made by Linnea Eriksson
Pink Blue iron silver
Green iron silver
Tribute green iron silver


EARRINGS made byJordi Aparicio
Oxidized silver and gold
Silver and oxidized silver
Silver and gold


EARRINGS made by Jenny Edlund
Spider web oxidized silver
Small ovals oxidized silver grey diamonds

EARRINGS made by Hanna Hedman
Painted silver with hand
Painted silver with flowers
Hearts and teeth

EARRINGS made by Sofia Björkman and Hanna Liljenberg
Black and red PLA and silver Sofia Björkman
Red PLA and silver Sofia Björkman

Paper and silver Hanna Liljenberg

EARRINGS made by Åsa Lockner
Oxidized silver with quartz
Oxidized silver with onyx



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