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This is a selection of what we offer, we have much more in the gallery.
We make engagement, weddingrings and
other rings on order.

Prices and more info on request.
To make an order, send an email to:

Top image: ring by Margareth Sandström


RINGS made in Platina studio
Oxidized silver with gold


RINGS made by Adam Grinovich
Cat in steel with cubic zirconia
Double ironl with cubic zirconia
Double steel with cubic zirconia


RINGS made by Karin Roy Andersson

Double leafs silver
Oxidized silver


RINGS made by Marta Boan

Red gold with ring
White gold with diamond
Red gold


RINGS made by Helena Johansson LIndell and Platina Studio

crylic and aluminiumby Helena Johansson LIndell
Rings in Titanium, silver and gold Platina Studio


RINGS made in Platina Studio

Rings in gold, silver with different stones

Ring red gold and green dimonds by Platina Studio


RINGS made by Sanna Svedestedt

Rings wood and laquer
Ring in leather


RINGS made by Pernille Mouritzen

Settings oxidized silver with stones
Ocean silver with stones
Ocean goldplated silver with stones


RINGS made by Mari Ishikawa

Rings oxidized silver and gold
Ring oxidized silver
Ring oxidized silver


RINGS made by Jordi Apparicio

Small ring oxidized silver
Big ring oxidized silver
Ring oxidized silver and gold with diamond


RINGS made by Christer Jonsson

Ring Amor omnia vincit silver, titanium, niobium, enamel
Ring Vanitas silver, partly gilt, niobium, cubic zirconia


RINGS made by Karen Pontoppidan

Ring silver enamel

Ring silver niello


RINGS made by Annika Pettersson


RINGS made by Jenny Edlund

Amor Fati, silver enamel
Ring in oxidized silver with white quartz
Ring in oxidized silver with rose quartz


RINGS made by Catrina Hällzon

Silver and elk tooth
Oxidized silver and elk tooth
Flat ring silver and elk tooth




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